The Japanese floral art of ikebana ("living flowers") developed in the 16th Century, and designs are traditionally styled to represent the relationship between heaven, earth and humanity. 

Many different schools and styles of ikebana have developed over time, each having a slightly different focus on the essential elements and rules of composition. 3 of the most famous schools include Ikenobo, Ohara and Sogetsu. Recently there has also been the development of "avant-garde" ikebana - a more modern style incorporating materials other than flowers.

The following photos were taken at the "Josei Sakka Ten" (Women Artists) Ikebana exhibition in the Daimaru Department store, Osaka city in March 2002. 

Various products that are available from NZ can be seen in the displays, including calla lilies, King Protea, Hypericum, Pittosporum, Cymbidiums, mini Cymbidiums, Phormium, etc. We hope that these photos help you appreciate the art of ikebana and to a see how NZ products can be used in it.
Ikebana1 Ikebana2 Ikebana3
Ikebana4 Ikebana5 Ikebana6
Ikebana7 Ikebana8 Ikebana9
Ikebana10 Ikebana11 Ikebana12
Ikebana13 Ikebana14 Ikebana15
Ikebana16 Ikebana17 Ikebana18
Ikebana19 Ikebana20  
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