Our Growers

Our Growers

We at New Zealand Bloom pride ourselves on the constant high quality of all our flowers and foliage. To ensure that this is maintained, we use only the highest calibre of growers from throughout New Zealand. We work in close contact with all growers, advising them of customer requirements and preferences so that orders can be tailored to individual client's needs where possible, and so that we continue to have a base of growers producing varieties and colours that the customers demand.

We have growers throughout the country, specialising in crops that most suit the wide variety of climates that we have - from cymbidium growers in the sub-tropical north of New Zealand, to peony and gentian growers in the cooler southern regions.

New Zealand's location in the Southern Hemisphere means that we are able to provide flowers and foliage when the Northern Hemisphere production has stopped. This enables you to have quality flowers such as callas and cymbidiums year round!
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Tel : +64 9 275 6324
Fax: +64 9 275 3156
Email : info@nzbloom.com    
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